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  • The structure of LITAGG lightweight concrete is similar to the normal concrete, mixing with LITAGG sand (or light sand), cement and water. With proper and sufficient vibration, low air content exist within LITAGG lightweight concrete and this can also against the corrosion of steel reinforcement. Suitable additives can be added into LITAGG aggregate concrete to get respective properties.
  • LITAGG aggregates are the type of clay which are expanded at extremely high temperature, a outer hard layer and inner spongy structure made weighting range 350-800 kg/m3, low dense to stone aggregate but with high compressive strength.
  • Clay is produced at extremely high temperature and can be the texture of pottery, is neural, durable. Even at high temperature, it will not depart from each other and not evolve toxic gases such that it is good for the production of construction aggregates.
  • The normal concrete weighs 2400kg/m3 with (differs mix content) compressive strength 15 to 40MPa .
  • While LITAGG lightweight concrete weighs 600 to 1750kg/m3 with (differs mix content) compressive strength 5 to 60MPa
  • LITAGG can solve problem of dead loads , fire resistance and heat insulation is durable, cheaper, environmental friendly and ease to manufacture ,
  • LITAGG aggregates are widely used in pre-cast walls, lightweight concrete, pre-cast concrete cubes, small-sized lightweight blocks even applicable in planting