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  • Cool Roof/Terraces by definition is the covering on the uppermost part of a building structure but significance of cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more solar radiations and absorb less heat than a standard roof
  • A cool roof protects the building and its contents from the rain / heat /earth quake effects of all climate primarily in India against rains, heat ,cold.
  • The characteristics of a cool roof are dependent upon the purpose / climatic zones of the building that it covers, the available roofing materials and the local traditions of construction and wider concepts of architects designs and practice and , may also be governed by local or national laws ( still yet to amend)

cool roof     cool roof

Below are the conclusion based on our practical experiences are :

  • Designing for any cool roof specially for heat insulation the fundamental is to create an air space/cavities within composites layers resulting in light weight,and that is reversed in water proofing where the same cavities has to be blocked.
  • Existing insulation techniques using minerals like vermiculite/perlite/XPS polystyrene etc.in expanded form are very fluffy/feathery/light in physical appearance, and when mixed with cement/sand/lime etc.,gives excellent insulation values which aids in energy conservations, are low compressive strength but at the same time creates unnecessary dead load due to huge water absorption capacities i.e ranging from 70% -90% of its volume ,carrying very low vapor permeability values/moisture(i.e to escape water in the form of vapor/unbreathable)from that composites layer,since it has to be covered with HDPE/BITUMEN/CONCRETE PLASTER etc., for protection against water entrapped from top layer
  • Traditionally proven over deck techniques are with brickbat/integral/brick jelly/matka filling etc.,since it is applied for insulation cum water proofing having good compressive strength
  • But in recent years have failed due reasons like dead loads/quality available/expert applicator/building heights/labour crisis etc.,
  • So concluding,demand have arise for over deck design that shall comprise of light by weight,waterproofing having sufficient compressive strength

Litagg range :

  • 1.nodullar-lightweight aggregates/pellets
  • 2.Sintagg –sintered flyash aggregates
  • 3.lexca-light expanded clay aggregates