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  • Litagg blocks combines apparently variant properties, such as light in weight, load bearing capacity, insulation, thermal and acoustic comfort.
  • Litagg blocks are manufactured in different sizes, concrete densities and compressive strengths according to the required designs.

The reasons for using the blocks are :

  • 1.Excellent thermal insulation
  • 2.Excellent acoustic insulation
  • 3.High fire-resistance
  • 4.Ease install
  • 5.Lightweight

Blocks     Blocks     Blocks

Litagg blocks are used in house building, public buildings and commercial buildings as supporting and non-supporting masonry, fire walls, acoustic walls, etc. Blocks with a fine texture or cutted or sawned blocks are used for fair-faced acoustic masonry


Prefabricated concrete units are provided in Litagg concrete. As a result they are lighter, easier to work with, and lorries can transport up to 50 % greater loads. Moreover, besides their light weight

Litagg gives these concrete units highly specific properties:

  • Fire-resistance
  • Decorative
  • Moisture-resistance
  • damp-free

A prefab floor is made up of beam and block systems in reinforced concrete, provided with a base and permanent formwork consisting of beam and block system in Litagg concrete.